Core of BluEco Net is joint research in three thematic areas.

The project deals within the field of bioeconomy with aquaculture-relevant topics from the following subject areas (FG), which are also found in the guidelines:

1) Food security – Breeding of robust and resistant livestock, Development of regional/local economic management systems, Research on environmental influences, Automated technical analysis, Optimized sensors for a systematical definition of the relationship between environmental/production factors and product characteristics

2) Sustainable Production – Innovative concepts of animal breeding, production and nutrition; ecological, economically social & ethically compatible production increase, development of animal friendly transport systems, targeted reduction of emissions, recycling of biomass and residual materials following cicular economy principles, analysis for source and reduction functions of used systems, sustainable biodiversity management, optimization of nutrient use, modern process for prevention of antibiotics/chemicals (sensor management), protecting the environment from the transfer of harmful aquatic organisms 

3) Healthy, safe food – Improvement of food safety & quality, intelligent packaging, genetic markers for determination of origin, sustainable solutions for cool- & transport chains in rural areas, usage of residual materials, evidences for harmful pollutants/pathogens