The aim

The aim of the project is the establishment of a self-supporting, bi-national bioeconomy research network with a thematic focus in the area of agricultural economics, specified on the entire aquaculture value chain, including its associated service sectors, technology providers, suppliers of raw materials (animal and plant breeding, agriculture) and its customers of the food industry. This focus, in collaboration with Brazil, has been set for the reason that the Brazilian Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services considers this area of bio-economy to have an exceptional potential. Also, it is of subject to incredible growth momentum and investment power, and regarding its relatively new past in Brazil having to deal with numerous problems, for which solutions in the course of cooperation should be developed in this project. In addition to creating these research structures, the project also targets a number of other issues, such as:

  1. Development of common solutions / R & D projects with high relevance and derived applications
  2. Involving SMEs to increase the relevance of research and create added value
  3. Access to infrastructure and research facilities for German researchers that are currently not available in Germany
  4. Knowledge growth & transfer through contacts, staff exchanges, research missions and thematic workshops, as well as technology transfer
  5. Extension of the curriculum of German higher education institutions through guest lecturers, webinars, new study content, a joint study program
  6. Joint publications inter alia in Brazil / South America
  7. Increasing the visibility of German scientific and technical excellence abroad
  8. Increased visibility of German technologies abroad to strengthen Germany as a technology location
  9. Increase the excellence and reputation of the participating institutions / institutions and their scientists
  10. Increase the attractiveness of universities, colleges and R & D facilities for students and staff through established cooperation with foreign partners”
  11. Access for German companies to one of the growth markets in South America