Info: Aquaeficiência
Rua Manoel Leme Franco, 1100,
bloco 3 ap. 12, Vila Santa
Terezinha,Pirassununga,SP – Brazil

Short Description (Company/ Institute):

Our positioning in the market is that of a technology development and transfer agent, so, using our expertise added to the various areas of knowledge of our partners, we produce customized solutions for the various links of the fish production chain, whether in the elaboration of projects or in the diagnosis and resolution of barriers, increasing the productivity and competitiveness of our customers.

Fields of activity, fields of research and development:

  • development of disruptive technologies and processes for the fish production chain.
  • development of fish production and processing projects.
  • training in good fish production and manufacturing practices.

Main competences for international cooperation:

  • Knowledge of fish quality parameters at international level.
  • Knowledge of various fish production systems at international level.
  • Technical and interpersonal skills for research development in cooperation with international organizations.
  • Access to several research institutions in Brazil.

Main fields of interest for international cooperation:

  • fish quality certification;
  • certification of welfare of aquatic organisms;
  • development of new cultivation systems;
  • aquaculture water recirculation systems;

References / examples of most relevant products and services:

Consultant for the development of humanized pre-slaughter management protocols in a tilapia processing plant in Brazil;

development of shrimp farming and processing project in inland waters;

winner of the Aquicola Innovation Award at the largest aquaculture business event in Brazil;

Scientific publications:

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