Short Description (Company/ Institute):

Engineering and construction of commercial African catfish production systems

Fields of activity, fields of research and development:

The planning, tender and investment preparation of commercial or research related recirculating aquaculture systems for African catfish and other suitable freshwater fish, including the adaptation to the location.

  1. The construction of recirculating aquaculture / aquaponic systems in cooperation with other partners
  2. Contract research and development on sustainable aquaculture and aquaponics in our own research facility

Main competences for international cooperation:

We are the only company in Germany that produces commercial African catfish RAS with 12 years of experience

Main fields of interest for international cooperation:

Finding new clients in Brazil

References / examples of most relevant products and services:
29 recirculating units (modules) between 10 and 75m³ productive volume / RAS

  • 2 recirculation systems “PAL special” in 40-foot container plug & play
  • 3 aquaponics pilot plants: University of Rostock, FHS Soest & PAL Abtshagen
  • 2 demonstration facilities aquaponics (EU INAPRO project)
  • Germany & Spain
  • 2 African catfish Hatcheries: Fish farming Abtshagen & Fischinnovationszentrum Waldland / Austria