Kona Blue

Short Description (Company/ Institute):

Kona Blue Aquaculture, Technology and Sustainable Food elaborates technical projects and conducts technical consultancies in Aquaculture.

  • Its head office is located in the city of Imaruí, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, a historic aquaculture productive center.
    Kona Blue or “True Blue Power” is a unique company born of the entrepreneurial spirit tied to respect for others and the environment.
  • Our company is honored to be part of this great productive sector: Aquaculture! In addition to disseminating technologies and offering a unique range of services, Kona Blue also carries with it the noble mission of producing fish and shrimp in a differentiated way.

Fields of activity, fields of research and development:

Technical projects and conducts technical consultancies in aquaculture, mainly Biofloc Technology and Aquaponics.

Production of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) in closed Biofloc Technology system.

Main competences for international cooperation:

Development and improvement of procedures in aquaculture, focusing on reuse of aquaculture systems‘ water.

Cost-effective sollutions for superintensive shrimp production

Main fields of interest for international cooperation:

Sustainable aquaculture production
Development of new procedures in aquaculture

References / examples of most relevant products and services:

We were able to produce marine shrimp in a small farm in the middle of Brazil (Brasília DF), for 03 years, using the same water cycle after cycle. Using this acquired knowledge, it was possible to work as consultants in farms in many brazilian regions, like south, midlewest and northest. In some farms that we advise, we obtained excellent productivities, reaching more than 4kg of shrimp per m², at an appropriate cost to the market.

Our team is multidisciplinary, and consists of PhDs in aquaculture, civil engineering, animal genetics and strategic management of agribusiness, with academic and practical experience. Therefore, we are also involved in the preparation of several technical projects to produce marine shrimp far from the coast, in bioflocosystems, as well as aquaponics projects.