SynbiAqua Cultivos Aquáticos

Short Description (Company/ Institute):

SynbiAqua is an aquacultutre farm, focused on a sustainable and integrated shrimp farming, diesigned to operate based on 3 pillars: Symbiosis, water recirculation, high efficiency.

Fields of activity, fields of research and development:

  • Intensive shrimp farming on a Multitrophic water recirculation system,

Main competences for international cooperation:

  • Intensive shrimp farming

Main fields of interest for international cooperation:

  • Multitrophic water recirculation: available species and their efficiency on the water treatment and adaptation on the system:
  • Species with production package (specially reproduction and larvicultuture), for salinities above 20ppt
  • Different species´ role on filtration
  • Role on disease intake, transmission
  • Kapaphycus, Gracilaria and Ulva
  • Different species´ role on filtration
  • Commercial outtake of product

References / examples of most relevant products and services:

  • Aquatec – the „sister“ company, with 30 yaer of market on shrimp hatchery in Brazil, pioneer on vannamei larviculture, SPF andGrowth genetic programs